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Modifiability, or is there any design in Agility?

10.23.2007 · Posted in Links

Many people assume that agile methods mean an absence of design. Design still happens in agile projects, but it shifts from an up-front phase to a continual evolution. Design decisions should be left to the last responsible moment, but some design decisions do need to be made at the start of a project. At the last QCon, Martin Fowler explored this topic through a panel discussion of design in an agile context.

Presentator: Floyd Marinescu
Presented: QCon London, October 18, 2007
Duration: 58 mn

Using Fit: An Open-Source Testing Framework [Video]

01.09.2007 · Posted in Links

We raise four software development issues and show how Fit can be used to address them. The issues are as follows: (1) How can we improve test coverage on a legacy system without discouraging its evolution? (2) Now that we have a successful product with a great UI, how do we provide program access, such as through SOAP? (3) How can QA be involved earlier and more effectively? (4) How can product managers better utilise their expertise?

Each of these issues can be addressed with Fit storytests. Storytests satisfy the demands of both requirements and quality assurance, in an amalgam that initially looks weird and counter-intuitive. Storytests are concrete examples that express important things about the business domain and about the system. They are matched and generalised in the code, using the same "ubiquitous language". Week by week, as thinking and understanding grow and change, the storytests grow and change. And so the code evolves.

Presentator: Rick Mugridge
Presented: Google TechTalk, February 9, 2006
Duration: 54mn

Agile Database Techniques: Data Doesn’t Have To Be A Four-Letter Word Anymore [Video]

01.09.2007 · Posted in Links

Data is clearly an important aspect of software-based systems, a fact that the information technology (IT) industry has understood for decades, yet many agile development teams are struggling to involve data professionals within their projects. The Agile Data (AD) methodology (agiledata.org) defines a philosophical framework for data-oriented activities within agile projects, defining ways that application developers and data professionals can work together effectively. However, philosophy isn’t enough, you also need proven techniques which support those philosophies. In this presentation Scott Ambler discusses techniques for agile database development, including: database refactoring, Agile-Model Driven Development (AMDD), Test-Driven Design (TDD), and environment/tool strategies.

Presentator: Scott Ambler
Presented: XP West, Michigan, February 27th, 2006
Duration: 1h 50mn

Venkat Subramaniam and Andrew Hunt Talk Agile

12.08.2006 · Posted in Links

Carl and Richard talk with Venkat Subramaniam, who has had a string of successful dnrTV episodes, and Andrew Hunt about Agile dos and dont’s. Agile Methodology can be overwhelming, and these guys introduce a much-needed dose of reality.

Date: December 5, 2006
Presented: .NET Rocks
Duration: 1 h 13 mn

Ron Jeffries on Running Tested Features [Video]

12.05.2006 · Posted in Links

Ron Jeffries’ upcoming book looks at how tracking "Running Tested Features" is the essential element of Agility, from which all other practices and activities necessarily follow. Deborah Hartmann interviews Ron who takes to the whiteboard to explain how, when supported by XP’s "simple design" practice, RTF helps teams deliver consistently without building up costly technical debt.

Presentator: Ron Jeffries
Posted: InfoQ, November 30, 2006

A Canary in a Coal Mine [Video]

12.05.2006 · Posted in Links

Scrum co-creator Ken Schwaber spoke at Agile2006 on code quality as a corporate asset. InfoQ presents video of his talk, The Canary in the Coalmine. Schwaber discussed how a degrading core codebase paralyses a team and negates any Agility gained through process improvement. He proposed strategies for management to identify, track and stop this downward spiral.

Presentator: Ken Schwaber
Presented: November 2006

Beyond TDD: Behavior-Driven Development [Video]

11.29.2006 · Posted in Links

Test Driven Development (TDD) has become quite well known. Many developers are getting benefit from the practice. But it is possible that we can get even more value. A new practice is getting attention these days: Behaviour Driven Development (BDD).

BDD removes all vestiges of testing and instead focuses on specifying the behaviour desired in the system being built. This talk will be focus on Ruby and will introduce a new BDD framework: rSpec. The ideas, however, are language independent.

Author: Dave Astels
Presented: Google TechTalks, March 17, 2006
Duration: 48 mn