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dbDeploy: Database change management tool

11.29.2006 · Posted in Links

dbdeploy is a Database Change Management tool. It helps developers and DBAs change their database in a simple, controlled, flexible and frequent manner.

The recurring problem with database development is that at some point you’ll need to upgrade an existing database and preserve its content. In development environments it’s often possible (even desirable) to blow away the database and rebuild from scratch as often as the code is rebuilt but this approach cannot be taken forward into more controlled environments such as QA, UAT and Production.

Drawing from our experiences, we’ve found that one of the easiest ways to allow people to change the database is by using version-controlled SQL delta scripts. We’ve also found it beneficial to ensure that the scripts used to build development environments are the exact same used in QA, UAT and production. Maintaining and making use of these deltas can quickly become a significant overhead – dbdeploy aims to address this.

FindBugs: Find bugs in Java code

11.29.2006 · Posted in Links

FindBugs looks for bugs in Java programs. It is based on the concept of bug patterns. A bug pattern is a code idiom that is often an error. Bug patterns arise for a variety of reasons:

* Difficult language features
* Misunderstood API methods
* Misunderstood invariants when code is modified during maintenance
* Garden variety mistakes: typos, use of the wrong boolean operator

FindBugs uses static analysis to inspect Java bytecode for occurrences of bug patterns. Static analysis means that FindBugs can find bugs by simply inspecting a program’s code: executing the program is not necessary. This makes FindBugs very easy to use: in general, you should be able to use it to look for bugs in your code within a few minutes of downloading it. FindBugs works by analyzing Java bytecode (compiled class files), so you don’t even need the program’s source code to use it. Because its analysis is sometimes imprecise, FindBugs can report false warnings, which are warnings that do not indicate real errors. In practice, the rate of false warnings reported by FindBugs is less than 50%.

Refactor! for Visual Basic

05.06.2005 · Posted in Links

Refactor! for Visual Basic 2005 is a free plug-in from Developer Express Inc., in partnership with Microsoft, that enables Visual Basic developers to simplify and re-structure source code inside of Visual Studio 2005, making it easier to read and less costly to maintain. Refactor! supports more than 15 individual refactoring features, including operations like Reorder Parameters, Extract Method, Encapsulate Field and Create Overload.

XRefactory: refactoring browser for Emacs, XEmacs & jEdit

09.16.2004 · Posted in Links

Xrefactory is a refactoring browser for Emacs, XEmacs, and jEdit which provides multiple project support, a source browser, intellisense code completion, refactorings for safe symbol renaming, parameter manipulations, function/method extraction, field encapsulation, and the ability to move fields, methods, classes, etc.

It is based on full pre-processing, parsing, and static analysis of sources. It works for the C, C++, and Java languages, and contains a stand-alone cross referencer, and a generator for HTML documentation.