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FEST-Swing: GUI Testing Made Easy

05.12.2009 · Posted in Links

FEST-Swing is a Java library that provides a fluent interface for functional Swing GUI testing. This library provides an easy-to-use API that makes creation and maintenance of GUI tests easy.


dialog.optionPane().requireErrorMessage().requireMessage("Please enter your password");


GUIdancer: automated GUI tests without any programming

10.24.2007 · Posted in Links

GUIdancer is a test tool for creating automated GUI tests. It supports applications written in Java (Swing, SWT, RCP) and HTML. No programming is required to create reusable, robust tests. GUIdancer is well suited to agile processes, because test specification can begin before the application under test is ready, and continues alongside development.
Modular test creation and object-oriented component recognition mean that tests are easy to maintain.
GUIdancer runs as a standalone application or as an Eclipse plugin. Tests are multi-lingual, platform-independent and can test different data, components and implementations.


PyGUIUnit: Python GUI testing framework

05.28.2005 · Posted in Links

PyGUIUnit is a framework created for testing GUIs. It is built on top of the PyUnit framework, merging seamlessly with it, allowing developers to write tests for GUIs as he would normally do for any other piece of code.

Its current implementation is based on the PyQt framework.

UISpec4J: testing library for Swing-based Java applications

05.02.2005 · Posted in Links

UISpec4J is an Open Source functional and/or unit testing library for Swing-based Java applications, built on top of the JUnit test harness.

UISpec4J’s APIs are designed to hide as much as possible the complexity of Swing, resulting in easy to write and easy to read test scripts. This is especially true when comparing UISpec4J tests with those produced using Swing or low-level, event-based testing libraries.

qftestJUI: the Java GUI Testtool

02.13.2005 · Posted in Links

qftestJUI is a professional test automation tool for Java GUI (Swing) applications. This intuitive cross-platform tool goes way beyond capture/replay, supports trees & tables and is tolerant to software changes due to high recognition. Free evaluation includinig comprehensive tutorial and manual is available. Tests can be executed in batch mode, protocols are based on XML and include Screenshots.


Eggplant: UI tests from the user’s perspective

02.11.2005 · Posted in Links

Eggplant tests from the user’s perspective, so you test the user interface, not just the code. Any process that a user can perform can be automated from end to end, across multiple applications, even across multiple platforms.

One copy of Eggplant can test an entire cross-platform application, one operating system at a time. Small and large companies worldwide have found Eggplant to be an affordable solution for their testing needs.

(Commercial tool, demo available)

Mouse Gestures Library for Java

11.11.2004 · Posted in Links

Mouse Gestures is an open source pure Java library for recognition and processing mouse gestures. With Mouse Gestures you have a fast way to execute commands without using the keyboard, menus or toolbars. The user just holds down a mouse button and moves the mouse in a certain predefined way. It can be used in any Swing application.

Pounder: testing Java GUIs

11.04.2004 · Posted in Links

Pounder is a utility for automating Java GUI tests. It allows developers to dynamically load GUIs, record scripts, and then use those scripts in a test harness.

Pounder differentiates itself from other utilities by allowing you to examine the results of a test run in source, while maintaining a separate GUI script that can be re-recorded if necessary.

XEUS: XML for easy UI scripting

10.08.2004 · Posted in Links

XEUS is a GUI (Graphical User Interface) automation test tool. Most GUI automation tools are very cumbersome to use, only work for 1 specific programming language, and require costly programmers to write the test scripts. They also necessitate lots of training just to learn how to use the automation tool effectively, and in many cases involve learning a whole new programming language.

XEUS attempts to address these problems by being easy to use, working for any GUI written in any language, and by generating the scripts in an understandable, common language–XML.

AutoIt: Windows GUI automation scripting language

08.09.2004 · Posted in Links

AutoIt v3 is an opensource BASIC-like scripting language designed for automating the Windows GUI. It uses a combination of simulated keystrokes, mouse movement and window/control manipulation in order to automate tasks.

Originally designed for PC "roll out" situations to configure thousands of PCs, AutoIt is also well suited to performing home automation and the scripting of repetitive tasks.

* Provides a general-purpose scripting language
* Executes Windows and DOS executables
* Simulates key-strokes (supports most keyboard layouts)
* Simulates mouse movements and clicks
* Moves, resizes and manipulates windows
* Interacts directly with "controls" on a window
* Works with the clipboard to cut/paste text items
* Works with the registry

AutoIt has an active User Group.


04.14.2004 · Posted in Links

NUnitForms is a tool for automatically testing Windows Forms applications written on .NET. It is an extension to NUnit that should make it easy to test Windows Forms applications.

NUnitForms also provides a Recorder application that will Record your interactions with a Windows Forms class and write a Unit Test for you that duplicates your actions. You can perform asserts during this process by right-clicking on your controls and selecting the property to assert.

Jemmy: Automated tests for Java GUI applications

03.31.2004 · Posted in Links

Jemmy is a Java™ library that is used to create automated tests for Java GUI applications. It contains methods to reproduce all user actions which can be performed on Swing/AWT components (i.e. button pushing, text typing, tree node expanding, …). JemmyTest is a program written in Java which uses the Jemmy API to test applications.


02.11.2004 · Posted in Links

X11::GUITest is a Perl package intended to facilitate the testing of GUI applications by means of user emulation. It can be used to test and interact with GUI applications; which have been built in some fashion (GTK+, Qt, Motif, etc.) upon the X library.

Abbot – Java GUI testing framework using JUnit

04.15.2003 · Posted in Links

Abbot (A Better Bot) is a Java GUI testing framework. The framework may be invoked directly in hand-coded Java tests, or more simply using XML-based scripts. Both methods are designed to be used with the JUnit testing framework. You can launch a GUI, invoke arbitrary user actions on it, and examine its state. The scripts may be invoked from JUnit or with minor modification any other testing environment.