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Ranorex – Automated Testing of GUI & Web Applications

06.02.2009 · Posted in Links

Ranorex 2 is a Windows GUI test automation framework for testing many different application types including Web 2.0 applications, Win32, MFC, WPF, Flash/Flex, .NET and Java (SWT).

Avoids proprietary scripting languages and instead enables use of the functionalities of programming languages like Python or C# as a base and expand on it with its GUI automation functionality.

The Ranorex Spy tool allows users to explore and analyze host or web applications. Ranorex object repositories and repository browser enables separation of test automation code/recordings from RanoreXPath identification information. The IDE includes test project management, integration of all Ranorex tools (Recorder, Repository, Spy), intuitive code editor, code completion, debugging, and watch monitor.

Download Ranorex


Ivonna — a Typemock based Asp.Net testing tool.

03.01.2009 · Posted in Links

Ivonna is an Asp.Net testing tool that allows writing unit tests for your Asp.Net applications. What makes it different is that Ivonna runs in the same process as the test runner.

Unlike other testing tools, Ivonna is not a "client-side" tool. It doesn’t just test the HTML output (although such a possibility exists), it creates and executes an Asp.Net request and allows you to examine the intrinsic objects, such as the Page object. This opens many new possibilities, such as

* Examining properties of page controls and other objects, such as the HttpContext object.
* Mocking external dependencies in order to isolate the page behavior.
* Injecting setup code and assertions into the page’s lifecycle event handlers.
* Injecting mock HttpModules, Filters, and test-specific configuration values.

Ivonna is being developed in partnership with TypeMock and runs on top of the TypeMock Isolator framework.

JSNSpec – JavaScript on .Net Specification Framework

02.09.2009 · Posted in Links

If you want to program in a dynamic language on .Net and use BDD, you might like this. JSNSpec uses specificaiton language similar to RSpec in Ruby and works in the browser, on the server in ASP .Net and in Managed JScript in Silverlight. It is "self-specified" meaning it uses itself to specify itself. This is one way to learn how to use the tool to make specifications for your own projects.

CoTestive – a comprehensive testing tool

05.08.2008 · Posted in Links

CoTestive is a new testing framework. At the time of this posting, it is in its very early stages; about 90% NUnit compatible. It’s goals are to be:

1. NUnit & MbUnit compliant
2. FIT compliant
3. Extensible

In essence, it is slated to be comprehensive – a single testing framework that is developer-friendly, customer friendly, and extensible to suit the changing needs of the industry.

JSXUnit 0.10 Alpha

05.19.2007 · Posted in Links

JSXUnit uses Microsoft’s new JavaScript (called Managed JScript). It can be used within the new Silverlight browser-plugin (version 1.1). If you have the plug in, you can try the new version of the testing framework now. Alpha only. Not for production use (yet). This is a port of JSNUnit 2.7.

AnyUnit: test code generator for MSVS

04.25.2005 · Posted in Links

AnyUnit is an add-in for Microsoft Visual Studio. Its purpose is to create and execute test code for Visual C/C++ and C# projects.

AnyUnit speeds up creation and deployment of unit tests by creating test code stubs for every class and function defined in the original project and providing a one-button test executioner.

Commercial tool.

NDepend: .NET Assembly analysis

03.08.2005 · Posted in Links

NDepend analyses .NET assemblies of an application and generates design quality metrics. NDepend allows you to automatically measure the quality of a design in terms of its extensibility, reusability and maintainability to effectively manage and control the assemblies’ dependencies of your .NET applications. Moreover, NDepend helps you to get a thorough view of the topology of your application, at component at type and at member level.

CaseBase, A Testing Framework for C#

01.31.2005 · Posted in Links

Test-Driven Development is best described in the source work of the same name by Kent Beck. Our purpose here is to provide a practical exercise which illustrates the highlights of TDD using a Testing Framework we’ve developed in C#.

CaseBase is a Visual Studio solution, and introduces the concepts of Master (persistent representation of test results) and Monitor (an inspector for Master values).

Authors: Tom Ollar, Jim Bennett
Published: January 27, 2005

SnapDAL: data access layer for .NET code

12.16.2004 · Posted in Links

SnapDAL is a data access layer (DAL) for your .net code. It is designed to make programming against databases and other sources of data easier, with less code, and higher reliability than you could do on your own without lots of discipline.

SnapDAL is built with the idea of helping you write testable data access code by support Mock Objects natively as a first class development tool.

Testdriven.NET: Zero Friction Unit Testing Add-In for Microsoft Visual Studio .NET

12.01.2004 · Posted in Links

TestDriven.NET makes it easy to run unit tests with a single click, anywhere in your Visual Studio solutions. It supports all versions of Microsoft Visual Studio .NET meaning you don’t have to worry about compatibility issues and fully integrates with all major unit testing frameworks including NUnit, MbUnit, csUnit & Visual Studio Team System.

VSNUnit: Execute Unit tests from within Visual Studio

10.23.2004 · Posted in Links

VSNUnit is an integration tool that allows you to execute your NUnit tests from within the IDE. Instead of dumping the results as a text stream to the output window, VSNUnit provides the graphical tree view that NUnit and JUnit users have come to love. The tree view is a dockable toolwindow inside the IDE, allowing you to integrate it with your standard development environment layout.

See NUnitAddin and TestRunner for alternatives.

NCover: C# test coverage tool

10.04.2004 · Posted in Links

Unit test suites are often used as a quality tool during the development process to keep the codebase stable as it changes and expands. Tools such as NUnit are often used to run and report on the test suites. However, when implementing unit testing in your build process, you have no way of knowing how much of your code the unit tests are actually testing. This is where code coverage comes in. You can run NUnit within NCover and use the code coverage report to determine which code was not tested by that particular test suite.

log4net: logging tool for .NET

09.21.2004 · Posted in Links

log4net is a tool to help the programmer output log statements to a variety of output targets. log4net is a port of the excellent log4j framework to the .NET runtime. We have kept the framework as similar to the original log4j as possible while taking advantage of new features in the .NET runtime.