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SQL Refactor: SQL code refactoring and styling tool

11.29.2006 · Posted in Links

SQL Refactor allows you to automatically format your SQL code and database objects in the style of your choice. SQL Refactor improves the quality of your code, making it easier to read, understand and share amongst a team. A companion tool to SQL Prompt, SQL Refactor dramatically speeds up database development and administration, without impacting on the behavior of your database and applications.

(Commercial tool)

Quest Code Tester for Oracle

11.02.2006 · Posted in Links

Quest Code Tester is a revolutionary new tool in the Oracle space that automates the process of creating and running tests on PL/SQL program units. With Quest Code Tester, forget about writing test code. Instead you describe your test requirements through an intuitive user interface, and then the tool:

* Stores this information in a repository, providing a rich reporting database.
* Generates test code (a PL/SQL package).
* Runs your tests.
* Automatically reports the results.

Quest Code Tester for Oracle is now available for download and use without any licensing fee. This release expires at the end of February 2007, at which time commercial, trial and freeware versions will be available.

MassDataHandler: database unit testing assistant

10.29.2006 · Posted in Links

The MassDataHandler is a framework to assist with Database Unit Testing. The framework makes it very easy to insert test data into a database, which in turn makes it very easy to write database unit tests. The user merely needs to specify their relevant data in a simple XML fragment, and then the framework uses knowledge of the database schema to do all the grunt work and convert that XML data into SQL, from which it populates the database.

The XML fragments that contain the test data are robust and refactorable. You can include expressions like variables substitution and identity lookup, default row templates, and include statements to import sub-templates. Because the framework already knows the database schema, you only need to specify the relevant data, and the framework can auto-populate the rest of the row’s required columns with dummy data.

This tool is intended for:

* Supplying data for Database unit testing.
* Easily creating your own data script to insert data for development.
* Extracting data from one database and inserting it into another as test data.
* Getting snapshots of data, and them converting them to xml files for easy diff comparisons.

dataFresh: database rollback library for unit tests

10.27.2006 · Posted in Links

Entropy’s dataFresh is a toolkit that assists test driven development projects in restoring their database to a known state before each test within a test fixture. The time consuming effort of having to write tear down methods to clean up the database after running your tests are a thing of the past.

Our appoach is unlike others as we do not attempt to rip and replace the entire database. Instead we track database modifications to the table level and only work with those tables that have been modified.

NDbUnit: database state consistency across .NET test execution

07.26.2006 · Posted in Links

NDbUnit is a .NET library for putting a database into a known state. NDbUnit may be used to increase repeatability in unit tests that interact with a database by ensuring that the database’s state is consistent across execution of tests. NDbUnit does this by allowing the unit test to perform an operation on a dataset before or after the execution of a test, thus ensuring a consistent state.

JDBCUnit: SQL record and playback tool

09.07.2005 · Posted in Links

JDBC unit is a tool that plugs a recorder in the Java/JDBC framework. It records and plays back SQL statements sent to the database manager.

This tool permits usage of data that is not anymore, or never was, in the database, and writing code without a connection to the database.

Thycotic DatabaseScripter: database rollback tool

06.29.2005 · Posted in Links

Thycotic.DatabaseScripter is a simple utility that generates a stored procedure called "SETUP" which will remove all data from your database and then reinsert it in the correct order. It uses the system tables in the database to identify foreign key dependencies and make sure data is manipulated int he appropriate manner.

Codus: code-generation tool for O/R mapping

11.04.2004 · Posted in Links

Codus is a comprehensive code generation tool for object-relational mapping. It takes an existing database and automatically generates all of the code for updating, deleting, inserting and selecting records. In addition, it creates web services for distributed programming, strongly-typed collections, and a full set of NUnit tests.

SQLUnit: unit-testing stored procedures

08.21.2004 · Posted in Links

SQLUnit is a regression and unit testing harness for testing database stored procedures. A SQLUnit test suite would be written as an XML file. The SQLUnit harness, which is written in Java, uses the JUnit unit testing framework to convert the XML test specifications to JDBC calls and compare the results generated from the calls with the specified results.

TestFu: Art of Testing

07.26.2004 · Posted in Links

TestFu is a collection of frameworks to build data generator, state machines, grammars, etc… It includes:
– the Production Grammar Framework (rule-based generic generators)
– the Database Populator Framework (smart random-data generators to populate databases)

TestFu has been separated from MbUnit to allow any user to benefit from those two frameworks without having to use MbUnit itself.

Note: TestFu is now part of the testdriven.net package.

DBUnit: JUnit extension for db-driven projects

12.22.2003 · Posted in Links

DbUnit is a JUnit extension (also usable from Ant) targeted for database-driven projects that, among other things, puts your database into a known state between test runs. This is an excellent way to avoid the myriad of problems that can occur when one test case corrupts the database and causes subsequent tests to fail or exacerbate the damage.

DbUnit has the ability to export and import your database (or specified tables) content to and from XML datasets. This is targeted for functional testing, so this is not the perfect tool to backup a huge production database.

DbUnit also provides assert facility to verify that your database content match some expected values.