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02.09.2009 · Posted in Links

TestLogistics – An Australian professional services organisation specialising in technical software testing solutions and configuration management.


BugHuntress QA Lab

03.29.2008 · Posted in Links

Software testing company BugHuntress QA Lab offers expert-level testing of software products, independent verification and validation (IV&V), as well as dedicated testing team services. BugHuntress core expertise is testing of embedded hardware-software systems, wireless / mobile applications, mobile internet, Web 2.0, e-Business systems. BugHuntress performs automated and manual testing of functionality, usability, load, performance, compatibility, and other types of testing. High level of services is confirmed by long-term cooperation with a number of the clients from the USA and the EU.

BugHuntress QA Lab
Ukraine, Eastern Europe

Mayford Technologies

04.06.2007 · Posted in Links

Mayford Technologies specializes in the delivery of Agile Software Development services. We provide coaching and training services in Testing and Refactoring, Test-Driven Development, and Agile Development Transitions.

DrivenQA: consultancy and testing services

05.01.2006 · Posted in Links

Based in Brighton, UK, and part of Driven Systems, DrivenQA has brought together individuals who understand the corporate sector and have extensive Quality Assurance, IT, New Media and Online Marketing industry experience.

As well as having the in-house expertise, DrivenQA engage a pool of talented associates so the best and most appropriate skills are brought to every project.

DrivenQA have a solid track record in the corporate sector and a successful history of working in partnership to deliver quality.

PerfTestPlus: Performance Testing, Training & Info

03.06.2006 · Posted in Links

PerfTestPlus, Inc provides name-brand professional services that focus on testing the performance and functionality of software as well as training software testers. We specialize in complementing agile development teams with testing expertise without disrupting their development cycle.

QA Strategy & Process Consulting from LogiGear

02.20.2006 · Posted in Links

Since 1994, LogiGear has been helping organizations ranging from the Fortune 500 to early-stage startups to meet their unique quality goals.

Quality and testing objectives must align with business objectives while maximizing return on testing investment. These goals can range from greater customer satisfaction or more predictable release dates to higher quality software. We will help you refine your objectives, align them with business vision, and help your organization to maximize test efficiency with the latest, most effective tools and methodologies, including building or optimizing a test automation program. Streamlining testing and quality processes is essential to compete in today’s global marketplace.

In the past few years, LogiGear has become increasingly involved with helping organizations optimally blend their domestic testing resources with offshore solutions.


Quality Aspect

03.04.2005 · Posted in Links

Quality Aspect Ltd. provides Quality-Oriented services for your development team: in-depth design and code reviews, code improvements, unit tests design and mentoring and more.

Using our services you will be able to improve your concrete product, while gaining the quality-oriented approach so you can implement it yourself in future projects.

Quality Aspect – Make The Difference

Vanward Technologies Consulting

01.22.2004 · Posted in Links

Too often, testing is not part of the overall software development methodology, thus testing begins just before deployment. This leads to costly, frustrating, and lengthy testing and integration cycles. Compounded with aggressive time constraints, products are often released with known feature defects. Vanward’s software testing methodology begins at requirements definition and continues through deployment.

Atomic Object LLC

01.13.2004 · Posted in Links

Atomic Object does contract programming and software development training. Training is done by Carl Erickson. Carl has 10 years of experience teaching computer science at the university level. Ttraining classes are greatly enhanced by the four years Atomic Object has been using Extreme Programming practices. Courses include TDD, OO, Java, C++, and Network Programming. Classes can be customized.

Diaspar Software Services

01.02.2004 · Posted in Links

Diaspar Software Services provides contract programming, mentoring, planning and training, all with an Agile approach. We provide more value, more quickly for a higher return on your investment.

Diaspar Software Services
2911 Bayview Av., C-108
Toronto, Ontario M2K 1E8

Syntropy Limited consulting

11.24.2003 · Posted in Links

Syntropy Limited consultants have worked on a wide range of projects, with sizes from two to over a hundred people. We’ve laboured under the millstone of burdensome documentation standards and irrelevant reporting. We’ve seen firsthand the inefficiency of lax process. We are acknowledged leaders in addressing the problems of dispersed development, where the team is spread across two or more locations.

We advocate the use of test-driven development as part of your development process. Our consultants have extensive practical experience of test-driven development and can incorporate it in the process we design for you.

Syntropy Limited
2 Stambourne Way
West Wickham
Kent BR4 9NF
Telephone or fax: +44 (0) 20 8777 6007

Adaption Software

05.20.2003 · Posted in Links

We provide training, mentoring, and coaching services for individual programmers and development teams in transition to eXtreme Programming (XP). Our range of services teach programmers how to vastly improve both the speed and quality of their work. We at Adaption are also available ourselves for business-critical software development projects.

Adaption Software Inc.
1019 Roy Ave.
New Minas, Nova Scotia
Canada B4N 3R7

Industrial Logic, Inc.

04.25.2003 · Posted in Links

Industrial Logic is a dedicated team of XP coaches and programmers who’ve worked on small, large and distributed XP projects in the U.S. and abroad, since the early days of XP.

As XP leaders since 1999, we have pioneered the Industrial XP process to meet the needs of large and small organizations. Today, we are pleased to provide the following services: Industrial XP Coaching and Industrial XP Training.

Our XP services and training are available in the U.S. and abroad. We’d be happy to talk with you about your specific needs.


04.17.2003 · Posted in Links

Our goal is to help developers and development teams gain the skills, confidence, and clarity that will enable them to create better software with less cost, less suffering, and a greater sense of control. To do this, we offer a wide range of services including training, mentoring, and consulting. We positively impact our customers’ ability to develop quality software at an effective cost.

25952 SE 37th Way
Issaquah, WA 98029