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TestRail Test Management Software released

02.27.2010 · Posted in News

Gurock Software just released its new test management solution TestRail. TestRail is a web-based test case management software that helps software development teams and QA departments to efficiently manage, track and organize software testing efforts.After working on its new product for more than 18 months and running an extensive beta program, Gurock is proud to offer a modern and fresh approach to test management. With its extensive dashboards, progress charts and activity reports, TestRail helps testers, software developers and management to get real-time insights into their testing process.

TestRail is installed directly on your own server and can be ordered for an introductory price of $239 (US) per user, with additional discounts available for multi-user packs. A free fully-functional trial copy of TestRail and an extensive product tour can be found on Gurock’s website.

About Gurock Software: Gurock Software is specialized in tools for software development teams and quality assurance departments. Gurock is known for its popular Java tracing tool SmartInspect and its new test case management solution TestRail.

Klaros-Testmanagement 2.5 – including Redmine integration

02.27.2010 · Posted in News

The free Community Edition of the Ajax-based web application Klaros-Testmanagement is now available in version 2.5.

The new release now provides integration with the popular open source project management and issue tracking system Redmine. A completly redesigned manual test client now allows to directly create issues in remote issue management systems and directly add attachments to the test result.

Other visible changes include:
– Test cases and test results may now contain binary attachements (e.g. screenshots).
– The revision history of a test case can now be displayed and edited.

About Klaros-Testmanagement
Klaros-Testmanagement is an Ajax-based web application for managing the quality assurance process in software development projects. Klaros-Testmanagement provides interfaces to issue tracking systems like Atlassian JIRA, Edgewall Trac and Redmine as well as an integration with the continuous integration server Hudson. Other key features are the automated logging of manual test execution, a configurable dashboard and interfaces for importing and exporting data.

For more information about Klaros-Testmanagement please visit www.klaros-testmanagement.com

About verit Informationssysteme GmbH
verit Informationssysteme GmbH is an independant software vendor located in Kaiserslautern/Germany. Since 1997 the company successfully collaborates with customers and partners in industry and research, focusing in the quality management process of software development projects. Customers include leading companies from the areas of financial services, telecommunication and automotive industries. With PETA Testplatform for automated testing and Klaros-Testmanagement the company offers two innovative and award-winning solutions for software test automation and software test management.

For more information about verit Informationssysteme GmbH please visit www.verit.de.

Knowing your Enemy – Foundations of LiquidTest

02.27.2010 · Posted in Advisories

Anthony Scotney blogs about the principles LiquidTest was founded upon:

“There is a great article by 37signals called ‘Have an Enemy’. By knowing your ‘enemy’, you know what you don’t want to be. This is pretty much how LiquidTest was conceived. We knew there were problems in the Test Automation space and we knew there were a lot of questionable practices by some of the established players in the space…”

To read the entire article visit: http://www.jadeliquid.com/blogs/2010/knowing-your-enemy-foundations-of-liquidtest.php