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Software Test Autmation – Manual Testing

10.25.2009 · Posted in Links

"If you are looking for a project-orientated functional testing tool and you test applications built using mainstream technologies, you may succeed more easily and get better value out of the Original tools than some of the market leaders.

Original Software’s testing tools are typical in function and structure to most functional test suites. However, they have some key capabilities in the areas of manual testing, database verification and preparation that set them apart."

Paul Herzlich, Software Testing Tools Analyst, Ovum

Testing Dynamic Elements – Having a Plan B

10.25.2009 · Posted in Links

Duncan Thomas Blogs about how to handle Dynamic Elements with LiquidTest, “In this blog post I will explain a small but important feature with an example. This feature is a small check box you see at the bottom of your browser when recording a test with LiquidTest, called Dynamic Element.”

Testing and TDD for Java Developers

10.25.2009 · Posted in Links

Developer testing practices are a vital, yet often under-used art. Learning how to write more effective tests is an excellent way to write better designed, more maintainable and more reliable code. It also helps keep development focused on the real requirements, resulting in a higher quality product for the end user. This is a skill that every Java developer needs to master.

This course is an intensive 2-day workshop with a mixture of teaching and lab exercises. You will learn about modern Agile testing best practices such as Test-Driven Development and Behaviour-Driven Development, and how to apply them in your own projects. You will gain practical experience with the latest in open source testing tools, including JUnit 4.7, Groovy, Selenium, SoapUI, and JOLT-Award winner easyb. You will also learn how to refactor code, and how to use code coverage and code quality tools such as Cobertura to isolate poor quality or poorly-tested code. The basic course program is outlined here:
– Principles of Test-driven development and Behaviour-Driven Development
– Understanding the TDD lifecycle
– Agile testing practices
– Modern unit testing techniques with JUnit 4.x
– Writing clearer tests with the Hamcrest assertions
– Using annotations, parameterized tests and JUnit Theories to simplify your tests
– Writing more productive unit tests in Groovy
– Unit and Integration testing
– Using mock objects and stubs with Mockito
– Database testing with DBUnit
– Testing Spring applications
– Behaviour-Driven Development with easyb
– Automating the testing process
– Using test coverage metrics to improve your testing process
– Testing a web interface with Selenium and JWebUnit
– Continuous Testing in Eclipse with Infinitest



TestRail test management beta now available

10.25.2009 · Posted in News

A first beta version of Gurock Software’s upcoming web-based test management tool TestRail is now available. TestRail is intended to help software development teams and quality assurance departments manage test cases, track test results and organize software testing efforts. Its modern web interface was designed to make it as easy as possible to enter test cases, organize test suites, coordinate test runs and track test results and progress.

Gurock is still looking for additional beta participants. Interested testers can apply for the beta test on Gurock’s website. TestRail is scheduled to be released at the end of this year and will be available as a downloadable web application that can be installed directly on your own server.

About Gurock Software: Gurock Software is specialized in tools for software development teams and quality assurance departments and is known for its Java tracing tool SmartInspect.