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New Release: web2test web testing software version 1.3

09.07.2009 · Posted in News by

New release offers improved handling of AJAX and already supports the new FireFox version 3.5

The new release of itCampus’ innovative test software for automated GUI tests of web applications – web2test – supports besides Internet Explorer 6, 7 and 8, Mozilla 1.8, Seamonkey 1 and 2 Beta and FireFox 2 and 3 already the newest FireFox version 3.5.
To further improve the handling of AJAX the mutation listeners have been revised.
In addition version 1.3 offers the possibility to record and replay get/post requests. Hence web2test is even better suited for GUI driven performance tests.The general handling of web2test has been improved as well thanks to several new features:
The Checker interface of the new version makes it even easier to extend the already integrated standard checks.
Test suites, run logs or individual test suite nodes can now be bookmarked to make them directly accessible via the new sub-menu File -> Bookmarks.
Furthermore several new variants for converting and (un)packing nodes have been added.

Note: The English version of the web2test website is now available at www.web2test.com.

Contact: Benjamin Franke, Marketing web2test, Tel: +49. 341. 4 92 87 29, Fax: +49. 341. 4 92 87 01, E-Mail: b.franke@itcampus.de

About web2test
web2test has been developed as a co-operation project between itCampus and Quality First Software (QFS). It is a tool for functional system tests of web based applications, portals and complex websites. Further USPs: Tests are platform and browser independent and tolerant towards layout changes. In addition web2test offers a real user simulation for a 100 % AJAX support. The test tool can be used under Windows as well as under Linux. www.web2test.com

About itCampus
itCampus is an innovative software development company closely cooperating with international scientists and researchers. Founded in 1999 in the cities of Halle and Leipzig in Germany, the company today has offices in Germany, the UK, Switzerland, Italy, Austria and Slovakia. itCampus provides communication solutions, IT consultancy services and custom solutions in the fields of software development and software ergonomics. Since April 1 2009 the Software AG is itCampus’ majority shareholder. www.itcampus.eu

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