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52% of developers say: Unit testing is the answer for the EU software liability

07.07.2009 · Posted in News

According to a survey held by Typemock, more than half of the developers believe that unit testing can help companies avoid law suits if the new EU software liability bill will pass. Typemock, the Unit testing tools provider, held a survey asking .NET developers if they think that unit testing can help companies avoid law suits if the new EU software liability bill, proposed by Commissioners Viviane Reding and Meglena Kuneva, will pass. 52% of them said that it can.

Typemock asked developers this Online, in their blog, and offline, in Typemock’s Unit Testing Open Microphone event at the 2009 Norwegian Developers Conference (NDC). In this event developers took turns in voicing their opinions on Unit testing and the EU software liability bill. While the majority of them said that they shouldn’t be held liable for their code, they believe that if this bill passes, unit testing will help companies to be confident in their product and avoid future law suits.

Unit testing was one of the central topics at the NDC conference, with keynote speaker Robert C. Martin (Uncle Bob) declaring that unit testing and TDD are a must for professional software developers, a whole day dedicated to unit testing sessions, and as mentioned, Typemock’s Unit testing event.

“We believe that companies should always strive to release products with the highest quality, that produce real value for the customer, and that unit testing is the most effective way to start making that happen” Says Roy Osherove, Senior Developer at Typemock, and the author of the book the Art Of Unit Testing.

Unit testing is an upcoming software development method in which developers write tests for small parts of their code, and check them individually (in ‘isolation’), and not as part of the whole application. This is done in the first development stage, while coding the application and not in the QA (quality assurance) stage like most tests. Unit testing lowers the ‘Bug Fix Time’ and ‘Bug fix Cost’, and frees up the developers’ time, so that they can create new features instead of fixing bugs.

Typemock develops solutions for .NET unit testing, giving developers the power to easily perform unit testing by making them easy to write and automate. Typemock’s unit testing tools have enabled companies to release their products with higher quality and fewer bugs, while saving both time and money.