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Agile Development and Test Drive Development Training by Thycotic Software Ltd.

12.19.2008 · Posted in Links

We offer onsite and offsite Test Driven Development training for your development team using Microsoft’s .NET technologies. You will train with highly qualified, reputable professionals in the industry. These instructors use Agile techniques in their daily operations!

Help us learn what we do not know about Test Driven Development and

what we can do better.

Developers or other individuals who have a direct application of Test Driven Development.

1-2 years of .NET development experience

Solid understanding of Object Oriented Principles

Class Size:
8-10 people

Class Length:
2 days (8 hours per day)

Course is about the process not tools

Tools will be covered with an appendix

Hands on labs will be built into the offering


Testing WCF Service Applications (Part 2 of 4) — Mocking the Service

12.15.2008 · Posted in Articles

So far, I outlined how to test your WCF service. I simply took advantage or the WCF architecture and tested the service directly outside of the actual service harness. Now I need to set my sights on the client. This becomes a bit more difficult, but I wouldn’t say that it is necessarily hard. I will start by giving a typical textbook example of hooking up to our service, and then I will tell you what is wrong with it. I will continue by modifying the code to be more testable so that the service can be mocked.

Testing WCF Service Applications (Part 2 of 4) — Mocking the Service

Qt GUI Testing: Packet Design QA Success with Squish

12.15.2008 · Posted in Advisories

Silicon Valley based Packet Design develops networking route and traffic analysis solutions. Their quality assurance team have been using froglogic’s Squish product for a couple of years, and for this Squish success story we had the pleasure of talking with Aj Alhait, Packet Design’s QA Manager.

Read the full story: http://www.froglogic.com/pg?id=ReferenceCustomers&category=Squish-Success-at-PacketDesign

Unit Testing, TDD and the Shuttle Disaster

12.15.2008 · Posted in Articles

It turns out that TDD principles also apply for engineering the space shuttle’s main engine.

This article quotes a report that compares the bottom-up and the top-down approaches for designing jet/rocket engines. It turns out that the bottom-up approach is quite similar to TDD, and likewise successful.

Welcome CI Guys!

12.01.2008 · Posted in News

The awesome chaps who brought us the CITCON conference are offering a full hour of consultation for free @ http://ci-guys.com !

I wouldn’t miss this sale.