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Automated GUI Testing Interview on Squish 4.0: Talking with froglogic’s founders

11.13.2008 · Posted in Articles by

Squish is the leading automated GUI testing tool supporting applications based on cross-platform GUI technologies such as Java Swing/AWT, Java SWT/Eclipse RCP, C++/Qt, Web/HTML/Ajax and more. Squish is renowned for its dedicated toolkit support, use of open scripting languages, great flexibility, and robust test creation and execution.

While the development of the upcoming Squish 4.0 is on-going, Qtrac Ltd.’s Mark Summerfield talked with some of the people behind the product.

In this first interview, Mark asked froglogic’s founders, Harri Porten and Reginald Stadlbauer, to give an overview of Squish 4.0’s features. In the following interviews Mark will have deeper technical discussions with the responsible developers working on specific features.

Read the interview at http://blog.froglogic.com/2008/10/squish-40-interview-talking-with-froglogics-founders/

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