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DevCreek: metrics monitoring and analysis

08.21.2007 · Posted in Links

DevCreek provides an open, free service that helps software development teams monitor, analyze and learn from metrics collected by their ongoing project activities. By providing real-time feedback and aggregating historical project data, DevCreek aims to establish project and community-based metrics that encourage good software development practices.

Agile Development in Java Training – 5 days – London

08.21.2007 · Posted in Links

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Hands-on Agile Development from Requirements to Code

[img align=left]http://skillsmatter.com/images/misc/kevlinhenney.gif[/img]This highly practical 5-day Agile Development training workshop has been developed by Kevlin Henney, a regular columnist for various industry magazines and a well known and popular speaker on topics such OO Design, Patterns, Agile Development and Software architecture at conferences in Europe and North America.

This Agile development course introduces the Unified Process (RUP) as a suitable phase model for agile development, taken together with a number of best practices such as Test-Driven Development (TDD) and the description of object-oriented systems using the Unified Modeling Language (UML).

The workshop structure is based on the four basic RUP phases in a project lifecycle: inception, elaboration, construction and transition.

Following these phases, the training participants will work in groups on all project activities, from requirements capturing and high-level design , through to code and tests over four construction mini-iterations using UML and TDD. A balanced mix of lectures and practical exercises, enables participants to learn how all development and testing activities fit together in practice, consolidating their newly learned skills.


Regression Therapy – Contentful Testing

08.11.2007 · Posted in Articles

Regression testing is usually seen as the poorer cousin of "proper" domain-abstracted assertion-based testing. Often rightly so!

However, with the right support in place, I have found that this form of testing can work very well in certain contexts.

This article addresses one such context: testing the view content generated by a web app. I discuss the background, then present a concrete example in the form of a plug-in for Rails.

CruiseControl.NET Demo

08.11.2007 · Posted in Advisories

Get the look and feel of what a Continuous Integration server can do for you by watching this short CruiseControl.NET (CC.NET) demo.


Codign Adds Testability to JUnit and Coverage Plug-ins

08.11.2007 · Posted in Java

Codign is pleased to announce updates to CoViewManager and CoViewDeveloper, Eclipse plug-ins that help promote code testability, JUnit automation, and path coverage.Testability: You pick your metrics, your thresholds and severity levels. One click will tell you what methods/classes/packages exceed your thresholds. Error or warning decorators are displayed if you exceed your thresholds while you are coding. A great way to use metrics that apply to you and to help set code expectations! A brief demo is available.

JUnit Automation: Highlight each path through your methods and use wizards to creates either an advanced stub or complete JUnit test, depending on your code. A demo is available as well.

Coverage: Both path and branch coverage are measured.

Support: Eclipse 3.1, 3.2 (3.3 coming real soon!), JUnit 3.8 & 4.x, and JDK 1.4 & 5.

Cost: Free for open source developers and university students. $99/$199 per copy for everyone else.. Discounts may be available but you have to ask nicely.

30-day evals available – download a trial today or visit our website for more information- www.codign.com