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TargetProcess 2.3 Released with Web Services API

03.24.2007 · Posted in Tools

TargetProcess is an ASP.NET/AJAX based agile project management software product. The major new features of this product release are the People Allocations Management and public Web Services API.

People Allocations Management provides information about overall people allocations and answers important questions like “Who is overloaded?”, “Who is available for upcoming project?”, “Who can be re-allocated to another project?”, “What assignments each person has?”.

Web Services API enables various integration scenarios with third-party systems as well as with in-house application.

“Both features are must have in any serious project management solution," said Michael Dubakov, TargetProcess founder. "Integration is a key for many companies and now public API enables about to all integration needs. API is powerful and you may even create custom queries based on NHibernate HQL syntax.

Effective people management in large departments is hard without good tool support. The common practice is to use Excel to control load and people availability. You understand that it is hard to maintain such document in actual state. TargetProcess provides really nice module for people allocations management as well as load report. I should say that TargetProcess becomes more and more enterprise-ready.”

The other improvements include

• Significant performance improvements
• Lookup lists
• Custom priority and severity
• Batch actions improvements
• Iteration planning improvements

More details about new functionality in TargetProcess 2.3 available at http://www.targetprocess.com/tp23whatsnew.asp.

Additional information and online demo version available at http://www.targetprocess.com

New TestTrack TCM

03.24.2007 · Posted in Tools

Seapine Software has released it’s new test case management software, TestTrack TCM. It’s a cross platform tcm tool that allows users to create test cases, schedule, execute, measure and report on results. It also integrates with their defect tracking tool to let developers and testers more closely interact. You can use their script agents to make test cases fire off automated test too.

TestTrack TCM

ArtOfTest, Inc. – Automate Web/Ajax using .NET with IE/FF & VS Team Test

03.24.2007 · Posted in News

WebAii™ Beta is now available – WebAii™ is the latest offering from ArtOfTest, Inc. that caters specifically to automated testing of the "Web 2.0" generation of internet applications (specifically Ajax Applications) using both InternetExplorer & Firefox. WebAii is one the most advanced and rich .NET automation infrastructures available in today’s market and is provided FREE of charge to the developer and quality assurance community.
WebAii™ offers an innovative approach to radically reduce maintenance costs of automated web tests while enhancing the agility and robustness of test suites. WebAii also comes with tight Visual Studio Team Test integration in addition to many new features. WebAii is unique in its rich and extensible architecture and can be integrated easily in commercial and enterprise applications that require web automation support or web data mining. Read Product Overview

Test-driven wear now available

03.14.2007 · Posted in News

Proud to be a test-driven developer? Eager to show you’re never going back to refactoring without tests? Need to remind everyone in your team to code first? Now you can wear your true colors!

<center></center>You can even take a sip of strong TDD coffee:


Also available for continuous integrators and build managers, Build Cop tees to show precisely what mood you’re in:


Black tees are also available, but please note the transfer mode for dark shirts on CafePress is still in beta stage. The graphic quality has not been as good as that of white tee prints.

The test-driven shirts are here, and the Build Cop shirts here.

No design, The testing genes, Sharing thoughts

03.14.2007 · Posted in Blogosphere

"Does Agile imply no design? Can the architecture evolve from doing the simplest thing possible? Is up front design good or bad? These questions, it seems, are still very controversial in the agile community. At the Architect Insight Conference in Newport [March 5], several presentations touched upon the topic of design and architecture in agile development." (Gojko Adzic, Agile Architect – Myth or Reality?)

Alberto Savoia identifies the genetics of testing. "I am rooting, of course, for the major victory [where developer testing becomes a standard software development practice], but I am starting to have my doubts, and wondering why progress is so slow. Below is my analysis of what I believe is happening and I’d be very interested in your opinion." ([url=http://www.developertesting.com/archives/month200701/20070126-developer%20testing%20test-infected%20gene.html]Testing Genes, Test Infection, and the Future of Developer Testing[/url])

Srinivas Ramgopal shares his company’s experience with XP and TDD: "We evaluated XP and TDD for 8 months with a new developer (with good previous experience in them) added to the team. The team is a group of seasoned developers but new to agile development. I thought I would share with you the team evaluation with the main intent to know your input based on your experiences with TDD." ([url=http://saloon.javaranch.com/cgi-bin/ubb/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=get_topic&f=42&t=000820]JavaRanch Big Moose Saloon: TDD/XP – sharing thoughts[/url])Karfai Wusan uses rspec to experiment with Behaviour-Driven Development, and details the step-by-step process of creating a story-editing application (Beyond the Edge of Forever: ruby and behaviour-driven development).

"Working with scaffolding makes it nigh impossible to do test-driven development, whereas working from a UI makes it very, very easy. With scaffolding, what tests would you write first? What is the behavior your want your final product to have? That’s not a very easy question to answer when all you know is the set of models you think your application needs." (Scaffolding’s place)

"Setting up expectations in a mock framework like EasyMock is usually straightforward when dealing with simple types like integers or strings. But from time to time I run into situations when things become more complicated. Consider the following example." (Complex expectations in EasyMock made easy using JSP EL)

Ben Monrog has been thinking of a new agile methodology he calls [url=http://www.benmonro.com/Blog/PermaLink,guid,fe63b91b-48a3-4dc3-95ab-f43eb40c9518.aspx]Demo Driven Development[/url].

Andrew Binstock presents a small review of Agile Java by Jeff Langr, which shows why TDD is a good way to teach Java.

James Carr has matured as a pair programmer: "I’ve been able to first hand experience some of the ways to be a bad partner and a good partner when pair programming. One of my major problems was I had a tendency to either hog the keyboard, or I would do what I like to call Backseat Driving: you let your partner drive, but you dictate exactly what they need to type." (Backseat Driving in Pair Programming)

Rockets, Cars and Gardens: Visualizing waterfall, agile and stage gate

03.14.2007 · Posted in Links

The further I dig into new product development practices the more I crave a simple way of helping folks new to the concepts visualize them quickly. In that spirit, I’ve assembled a little pictorial journey through the intriguing landscapes of waterfall, agile, portfolio management and stage gate. For fun, there is also a description of how you can apply portfolio management techniques to individual agile project as a technique for additionally reducing the design risk.

Author: Danc
Published: February 18, 2007


TDD with Selenium and Castle

03.14.2007 · Posted in Links

Test Driven Development samples are mostly based on very simple unit tests. The challenge is often how to use TDD in a larger application. It will be demonstrated in this tutorial how to build a web application using test first principles using Selenium and Castle.

Author: Dan Bunea
Published: InfoQ, February 20, 2007

JBI Mock Framework: mock testing framework for JBI components

03.14.2007 · Posted in Links

The JBI Mock Framework is a set of classes allowing developers to test JBI components at a unit level, mocking out the Normalized Message Router (NMR). Using the mock classes, developers can achieve high test coverage for their JBI Components. It provides:

– Mock interfaces and Basic implementations for the majority of JBI interfaces
– Mock classes to write unit tests for Binding Components and Service Engines
– Examples showing how to use the Spring Framework and JUnit to create a unit test

Test Driven Development In Python [PDF slides]

03.14.2007 · Posted in Links

Slides from a Code Mash presentation on Test Driven Development in Python. They provide an introduction to TDD, some tools that work well when doing TDD in python, and the results of a case study in TDD game development using pygame.

Author: Kevin Dahlhausen
Posted: January 22, 2007
Blog link

Continuous Integration with PHP

03.14.2007 · Posted in Links

Large development projects can be difficult to manage. With multiple developers committing source code to one source tree, there are going to be times when code breaks and will not work. Running automated builds and tests on code can drastically reduce the time and effort developers spend fixing issues by catching them early. This process is called continuous integration. This article provides an overview of how to implement continuous integration in a PHP project using tools written in PHP.

Author: Chad Files
Published: Linux.com, March 12, 2007

Simplify Continuous Integration with CruiseControl and Maven 2 [MP3]

03.14.2007 · Posted in Links

In the fourth edition of the Stelligent Early Quality Podcast series, Paul Duvall and Levent Gurses discuss how Continuous Integration can be simplified with two popular tools: CruiseControl and Maven 2.

If you’re looking to intensify your CI and testing process and want to learn more about how these tools can help, this podcast will be a valuable resource for you.

SWExplorerAutomation for Web 2.0 (AJAX) functional and unit testing

03.14.2007 · Posted in Tools

Webius SWExplorerAutomation (SWEA) automates regression and functional testing for Web applications. The program creates an automation API for any Web application which uses HTML and DHTML and works with Microsoft Internet Explorer. The Web application becomes programmatically accessible from any .NET language.

SWEA API provides access to Web application controls and content. The API is generated using SWEA Visual Designer. SWEA Visual Designer helps create programmable objects from a Web page content.

SWEA records, replays test scripts and generates C# or VB.NET script code. SWEA generated scripts can be used in NUnit, MbUnit or VS Unit testing frameworks. SWEA was specially designed to automate complex DHTML/AJAX applications.

AnthillPro 3.2.0 Released by Urbancode

03.14.2007 · Posted in Advisories

The AnthillPro team is pleased to announce AnthillPro version 3.2.0. AnthillPro goes beyond continuous integration, delivering build and application lifecycle management. Unit test results are quickly reported and tracked.

This release was focused on better security and easier configuration. We also expanded the range of options for selecting agents to run jobs on and determining the success or failure of a step.Tighter Security

AnthillPro now allows mutual SSL authentication between the server and all agents. In addition, AnthillPro 3.2 includes integrations with all commonly used authorization systems such as LDAP, Active Directory, Kerberos, Single Sign-on, as well as custom authorization systems (supported via JAAS).

Other Notable New Features
* Improved installation
* Choice of Derby or Oracle back ends
* More flexible execution of command line commands
* Windows Vista Support
* Future upgrades of agents will be automatic
* Streamlined Clearcase (Base) configuration
* Cancel (abort) build requests and queued builds
* Circular dependencies detected and rejected at configuration time
* Digest files holding hashes of all files in an artifact set are available for download.
* Support for artifacts larger than 2 GB added

Telerik and froglogic Announce Cooperation

03.14.2007 · Posted in News

Hamburg/Newton. Mar. 07, 2007 – Telerik, Inc. and froglogic GmbH announced a technology cooperation providing a specialized automated GUI testing tool for Telerik’s award-winning radControls UI suite and AJAX framework.

The focal point of this joint cooperation is to combine the technical expertise and technology of froglogic and Telerik to provide developers with a robust testing framework for their web applications. Squish, froglogic’s web testing tool, will help radControls users to reduce the cost and time needed for their QA cycles by automating the GUI testing efforts."The technology relationship with froglogic will further strengthen our position in the web development market. With this cooperation we look forward to provide our customers with best in class solutions.", says telerik’s CEO Svetozar Georgiev.

"We feel that this technology synergy between our companies would be of significant benefit of both telerik and froglogic" says Reginald Stadlbauer, forglogic’s CEO. <em>"Both telerik and froglogic share a common focus in developing great products and in treating our customer as valued partners in the process."

In the scope of this technology cooperation, froglogic will add dedicated support for Telerik’s radContols suite to its automated Web testing tool Squish for Web. radContols users will be able to use Squish for Web to create advanced, robust and maintainable automated tests for their classic or Ajax-enabled user interfaces.

Squish for Web and tests created with it are completely cross-platform and support all popular web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Mozilla, Safari and Konqueror.

For more information about Squish, please contact squish@froglogic.com.

About Telerik

Telerik is a leading vendor of User Interface (UI) components for ASP.NET and Windows Forms. Building on its expertise in interface development and Microsoft technologies, Telerik helps customers build applications with unparalleled richness, responsiveness and interactivity. Created with passion, Telerik products help thousands of developers every day to be more productive and deliver reliable applications under budget and on time. http://www.telerik.com

About froglogic

froglogic GmbH is a software company based in Hamburg, Germany. Their flagship product is Squish, the market-leading automated testing tool for GUI applications based on Qt, Java (Swing, SWT, etc.), Tk or XView.

Ejb3Unit: Out-of-Container EJB 3.0 Testing

03.13.2007 · Posted in Links

The Ejb3Unit project will automate Entity and Session bean testing outside the container for the EJB 3.0 specification. Ejb3Unit can execute automated standalone JUnit test for all EJB 3.0 conform J2EE projects. EJb3Unit is using an in memory database by default but also can be configured for a user defined target database if necessary. Testdata can be provided by in various ways, for instance comma seperated file, data generators or constants.

SpiraTest: Complete Test Management System

03.06.2007 · Posted in Links

SpiraTest is an integrated requirements, test case and defect management system.

It allows project managers to develop the project requirements / scope matrix upfront with the customers (i.e. a story list), then hand it off to developers who build out the use / test cases that validate the functionality.

Finally during UAT, users can execute the test cases in the environment and log associated defects. These can then be used to generate requirements coverage reports and test stability reports.

Current version requires Windows 2000, XP, 2003 and SQL Server 2000+.
Price starts at $299.99…

Free Session: In the Brain of Roman Pichler (On Scrum, March 19th, 2007)

03.01.2007 · Posted in Events

In this free Skills Matter In-the-Brain session, seasoned Scrum Trainer and coach, Roman Pichler, will talk about the essential concepts of Scrum. Join this interactive session if you want to find out more about one of the fastest growing Agile methods, if you want to freshen up your Scrum knowledge or gain further insight.

Registration: Registration Free Scrum Session – March 19thTalk: Essential Scrum
Speaker: Roman Pichler
Date: Monday, 19 March 2007
Time: 18:30 – 20:30
As usual, we’ll be going for a drink after the session!

1 Sekforde Street
London EC1R 0BE

Google Map:[url=http://maps.google.co.uk/maps?f=q&hl=en&q=skills+matter+ec1r+0be&layer=&ie=UTF8&z=17&ll=51.524599,-0.104799&spn=0.00293,0.007296&om=1&iwloc=A]Google Map[/url]

Registration:Registration Free Scrum Session – March 19th

DbFit: Database TDD with FIT/FitNesse

03.01.2007 · Posted in Tools

The first version of DbFit has just been released. DbFit allows database developers to write functional and acceptance tests easily and automate them using FIT (Framework for Integrated Testing) and FitNesse, a popular Web-based test and collaboration server.

Version 0.1 supports testing stored procedures and functions, queries and statements on Oracle DB. Support for MS Sql Server is in development (expect it soon).

Accompanying the first version of DbFit is ‘Getting Fit With Oracle’, a short introductory guide for test-driven Oracle database development using FitNesse and DbFit.

Both DbFit and Getting Fit With Oracle are free, and can be downloaded here.

froglogic Announces Squish Integration for Mercury Quality Center

03.01.2007 · Posted in Tools

Hamburg, Germany – 2007-02-28 froglogic GmbH today pre-announced the new Mercury Quality Center Squish Add-On. This add-on allows to create, run and manage automated Squish tests from within Mercury Quality Center.

Squish is a professional cross-platform functional GUI testing tool. It supports testing applications based on any of the following GUI technologies:

– HTML/Ajax/Web 2.0 in a variety of web browsers
– Java Swing/AWT and Java SWT/Eclipse Rich Client Platform (RCP)
– Trolltech’s Qt class library
– Mac OS X Cocoa and Carbon
– Tcl/Tk
– Four J’s Genero clients (GDC and GWC)
– XView

Squish works on different platforms such as Windows, Linux/Unix, Mac
OS X and embedded Linux.Squish offers a versatile testing framework with a choice of popular test scripting languages (Python, JavaScript and Tcl) extended by test-specific functions, open interfaces, add-ons, integrations into test management systems, a powerful IDE aiding the creation and debugging of tests and a set of command line tools facilitating fully automated test runs.

With the new Squish Mercury Quality Center Add-On customers can easily integrate existing Squish tests into Quality Center and control the complete test automation and testing process from within Quality Center. Squish reports test results back to Quality Center allowing Squish users to take full advantage of Quality Center’s management, statistics and reporting features to control and analyze the quality assurance process.

"The availability of a test management system for Squish tests is a requirement we hear very often. While it is easy to integrate Squish using its command line tools into any test management system, we are very excited being able to offer a ready-made integration into one of the most popular test management systems: Mercury’s Test Director", said Frerich Raabe, Test Management Expert at froglogic.

If you are interested in obtaining a the Squish Quality Center Integration or would like to receive information about any other editions of Squish, please contact squish@froglogic.com or visit http://squish.froglogic.com.

About froglogic

froglogic GmbH is a software company based in Hamburg, Germany. Their flagship product is Squish, a professional automated testing tool for GUI applications based on Java, Qt, Tk or XView and for HTML-based web applications running in different web browsers. froglogic also offers Qt consultancy services and other Qt-based development tools such as the Tcl/Tk/Qt migration framework Tq. More about froglogic at http://www.froglogic.com.

Mercury Quality Center is a trademark of Mercury Interactive Corporation.

A Site for Test-Driven JavaScript Developers

03.01.2007 · Posted in News

If you are trying to find a way to do Test-Driven Development in JavaScript, you can learn some ways to do it here.

Server-side JScript .NET for ASP .NET is an important topic at this site as well as client-side JavaScript in the browser. The documentation for JSNUnit is found here as well. Links for dynamic language benefits, agile practice, ajax, and JavaScript in one place.