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VSTS TestRun Report Viewer

05.24.2006 · Posted in Tools

The VSTS TestRun Report file format, aka .TRX is somewhat unusable, because three main points:

1) You can only view the results with VSTS
2) You can not view summarize stats about the test run
3) You can not print the report

All of this things are (partially) resolved by trx2html.exe tool.

If you are interested you can get information about it here: http://blogs.msdn.com/rido/archive/2006/05/23/trx2html.aspx

Test First: Roman Numeral Conversion

05.23.2006 · Posted in Links

Question: Everyone "knows" that you should write a decimal to Roman number converter using a table. What happens if you try it test-first?

A test-first example in C++.

Author: Roger Lipscombe
Published: 2002

Agile Development Highlights at the Better Software Conference & EXPO

05.18.2006 · Posted in Events

Learn new, innovative agile approaches at the Better Software Conference & EXPO…

Characterized by lightweight processes and short, iterative delivery cycles, Agile development has revolutionized the software industry to keep up with the rapidly changing nature of the Web-based economy. Agile development practices respond positively to the inevitable changes that occur in software projects and stress the value of collaboration between the development team and the customer.

Gain access to leading industry experts delivering the latest agile techniques at the Better Software Conference & EXPO.BETTER SOFTWARE CONFERENCE & EXPO 2006
June 26-29, 2006 * Las Vegas, Nevada

Development Lifecycle Practices:


Conference Web site:

Conference Brochure: http://www.sqe.com/downloads/bettersoftwareconf.pdf

Register Now:

For more information, call 888-268-8770 or 904-278-0524.

Register now and save $200! –> http://www.sqe.com/bscereg





– Agile Productivity Metrics
Michael Mah, QSM Associates

– Introduction to Agile Practices
Robert Martin, Object Mentor

– Scrum: Project Management for Agile Software Development
Jean Tabaka, Rally Software Development Corporation

– Test Automation for Agile Development
Linda Hayes, Worksoft, Inc

– Agile Retrospectives: A Team Leader’s Guide
Esther Derby, Esther Derby Associates, Inc.

– Use Cases for Agile and Traditional Development
Alistair Cockburn, Humans and Technology

– Agile Estimating and Planning
Mike Cohn, Mountain Goat Software

– FIT for Requirements Collaboration
James Shore, Titanium I.T.

– Risk Management on an Agile Project
Michele Sliger, Rally Software Development

– Fishing for Requirements in an Agile Project
Jennitta Andrea, clearstream Consulting, Inc.

– Leadership–The Forgotten Element of Agile Development
Michael Portwood, Spectra Intelligent Marketing

– Agile Development and Its Impact on Productivity
David Garmus, The David Consulting Group

– Even the Best Get Stuck: Transitioning to Agile Development
Alex Pukinskis, Rally Software Development

Viewtier Opens EAP For Parabuild 2.1, Offers Free Licenses For Found Bugs

05.14.2006 · Posted in Tools

Viewtier Systems, Inc., today announced the beginning of the Early Access Program (EAP) for its automated software build management server, Parabuild 2.1. A single-build configuration license is offered free of charge for each new bug found in the EAP builds. To join the EAP please visit this page.

Parabuild helps software organizations reduce high risks of failures of projects by delivering potentially unbreakable daily builds. The goal of the EAP is to test new features and to gather additional requirements. EAP downloads are available for registered participants. The registration is free.Parabuild 2.1 includes frequently requested features from Viewtier’s customers, including:

Build Management

* An ability to re-run an arbitrary build
* Build parameters to support build promotion

Web User Interface

* Build display groups
* Next/previous navigation in build results
* Change list diffs for two given builds
* Build status embeddable into web pages
* Description for a build request


* Publishing build results via RSS
* Recording and notifying a user that started build manually
* Windows system tray client

Integration With Version Control Systems

* Integration with Borland StarTeam
* Integration with Serena ChangeMan Version Manager (PVCS)
* Integration with SourceGear Vault
* Integration with MKS Source Integrity Enterprise
* Integration with generic VCS
* Support for "File System" VCS

Screen shots and more detailed descriptions of the new features are available on the What is new in Parabuild 2.1 page.

About Viewtier Systems
Founded in 2004 and based in Mountain View, CA, Viewtier Systems is a software build automation company dedicated to solving the problem of high risks of failures of software projects caused by broken code base.

Any trademarks or service marks contained herein are the property of their respective owners.

Anthill3 Build and ALM Server Preview

05.11.2006 · Posted in Tools

Anthill3 Build Management/ALM Server Preview is available from Urbancode, the leaders in build and release management.

Anthill3 is a radically altered approach to Build and Application Lifecycle Management. Anthill3 uses a concept called ‘Build Life’ to not only automate the build process, but to also automate promotions and deployments.

A Central-Server and Agent architecture is at the core of Anthill3. The server manages configuration and workflow. The agents run the jobs powering distributed and multi-platform builds as well as promotion and deployment to multiple environments (such as DEV, QA, UAT, PROD, etc.).

An embedded Workflow engine enables Anthill3 to model and automate existing processes and allows for multi-machine build verification tests, multi-stage promotions and deployments, as well as manual approval gates between promotion levels.

A build is no longer an isolated event. It is now recognized as the start of the process of tests, deployments and promotions that culminate in the successful release of software.

A fully-functional 30-day preview trial available now at http://www.urbancode.com .

Lunch with Kent Beck

05.01.2006 · Posted in Events

SDForum: Lunch with Kent Beck
May 16, 2006
11:30 a.m. – 1 p.m.
Jillian’s, 101 4th Street, Suite 170
San Francisco, CA

Come hear Kent Beck, Agitar Fellow and recognized industry visionary and software quality innovator, speak on finding ease at work. The doors open at 11:30 a.m. and Kent begins his presentation at 12 noon. Lunch is provided. This special event is being presented by SD Forum and Agitar Software, across the street from the JavaOne Conference at the Moscone Center. Price is $15 for SDForum Members and $20 for Non-Members.

Click [url=http://www.sdforum.org/SDForum/Templates/CalendarEvent.aspx?CID=1894&mo=5&yr=2006]here[/url] to register.

DrivenQA: consultancy and testing services

05.01.2006 · Posted in Links

Based in Brighton, UK, and part of Driven Systems, DrivenQA has brought together individuals who understand the corporate sector and have extensive Quality Assurance, IT, New Media and Online Marketing industry experience.

As well as having the in-house expertise, DrivenQA engage a pool of talented associates so the best and most appropriate skills are brought to every project.

DrivenQA have a solid track record in the corporate sector and a successful history of working in partnership to deliver quality.

Getting started with csUnit

05.01.2006 · Posted in Links

A short tutorial for getting started with test-driven development and unit testing in .NET using csUnit. The tutorial has been updated to reflect the latest changes in csUnit’s feature set.

Pulse Continuous Integration Server 1.0.1 (beta)

05.01.2006 · Posted in Tools

Zutubi is proud to announce release 1.0.1 of the pulse automated build (CI) server. This is the first public beta of pulse, and is available for download immediately from the zutubi website. Pulse has been designed to deliver the adaptability of a home grown solution without the engineering cost. Full-featured, 30-day evaluation licenses are available. By signing up for the beta program, you will be eligible for discounts on commercial licenses.

csUnit 2.1.1 BETA released

05.01.2006 · Posted in Tools

csUnit 2.1.1 BETA has been released and is available for download at http//www.csunit.org/download. csUnit is open-source.

This release has been compiled and tested with .NET 2.0. It is the first .NET 2.0 based version that contains an all new implementation of an addin for Visual Studio 2005 (VS2005).

Some areas in the code have been heavily refactored. It looks almost like a new implementation when compared to csUnit 2.0 and earlier. On an opportunistic basis generics were introduced.

The code has substantially improved, and we will continue towards that path. The major focus was on the core, the event handling, the command pattern implementation, and the GUI in general. The latter includes both the csUnitControl but also csUnitRunner, the GUI frontend. In particular we worked on improving the usability.

We also ran some profiling sessions. As a consequence csUnit 2.1.1 is up to 50% faster than earlier versions and at the same time consumes less memory.

Work that we expect to add before the production release of version 2.1 includes further refactoring in particular in the test execution engine, further usability improvements, improved categories support, and some further performance improvements.

As always all bugfixes and other improvements from earlier versions have been rolled over into this version.

Please support the project with your donation (see button at http://www.csunit.org/download). Thank you!

About csUnit
Inspired by JUnit, csUnit brings the power of unit testing to the .NET framework. csUnit is your key to unit testing and test-driven development using .NET languages such as C#, Visual Basic .NET, Visual J#, or Managed C++. csUnit was founded in 2001 and is available including source under a modified zlib/libpng license. For more information see http://www.csunit.org.

Kind regards,

Manfred Lange.
csUnit lead developer
Email: manfred at csunit dot org