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TestArchitect – Keyword Driven Test Automation Framework from LogiGear

02.20.2006 · Posted in Links by

The TestArchitect test automation framework allows teams to gain the benefits of keyword-driven testing and
– Double their test coverage
– Decrease testing time
– Improve product quality
– and cut costs!

Automated software testing success requires the right technology and methodology. TestArchitect enables the Action Based Testing™ method of test automation to create a framework that is
– Easy to use
– Cross platform
– Maintainable
– Scaleable

Reducing time-to-market and improving product quality are critical to the success of any software organization.

TestArchitect enables all members of the team to improve the testing effort:

– Testers and business experts have an easy-to-use method for creating intelligent,maintainable tests which can be executed manually or automatically
– Automation engineers have powerful tools based on industry-standard languages for creating the underlying automation
– Managers can maintain control and efficiency of their global testing efforts through a central repository and easy-to-use, customizable reports
– Business stakeholders can reduce testing cost through our proven ROI model


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