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Continuous Integration and Testing Conference

02.23.2006 · Posted in Events

Continuous Integration and Testing Conference – http://www.citconf.com
April 7-8, 2006 – Chicago, IL, USA

Jeffrey Fredrick and Paul Julius are cohosting an event that will focus on the topics of Continuous Integration and Testing.

The event will use Open Spaces to structure conversation, understanding and innovation.

* What: Open Space event discussing all aspects of CI and Testing, together
* Where: Chicago, IL
* When: April 7 & 8, 2006
* Who: Everyone interested in CI and Testing
* Cost: Free

People from all manner of projects and places are invited. Pass an invitation along to anyone that you think will be interested.

In order to finalize the details of time and place we need to get a feel for how many people are likely to attend. If you are interested in attending please join the CITCON mailing list.

LogiGear QA Training

02.20.2006 · Posted in Links

LogiGear provides best-of-breed training in the latest software testing technologies and methods. Founded in 1994 by top thought leaders in the industry, LogiGear has provided QA training courses to hundreds of companies, ranging from early stage startups to Fortune 500 companies.

Our software testing classes are based on real-world practice; LogiGear’s trainers are also practitioners, and we take the best practices and lessons learned in the field and provide them to our students.

Since every organization has specific training needs and goals, we will work to learn your unique needs, and then design a software testing curriculum that exactly fits you. In addition to our constantly-updated catalog of courses, we can design customized courses that incorporate materials specific to your organization.
Contact us today to learn how LogiGear can help your organization achieve a culture of software testing excellence!



QA Strategy & Process Consulting from LogiGear

02.20.2006 · Posted in Links

Since 1994, LogiGear has been helping organizations ranging from the Fortune 500 to early-stage startups to meet their unique quality goals.

Quality and testing objectives must align with business objectives while maximizing return on testing investment. These goals can range from greater customer satisfaction or more predictable release dates to higher quality software. We will help you refine your objectives, align them with business vision, and help your organization to maximize test efficiency with the latest, most effective tools and methodologies, including building or optimizing a test automation program. Streamlining testing and quality processes is essential to compete in today’s global marketplace.

In the past few years, LogiGear has become increasingly involved with helping organizations optimally blend their domestic testing resources with offshore solutions.


TestArchitect – Keyword Driven Test Automation Framework from LogiGear

02.20.2006 · Posted in Links

The TestArchitect test automation framework allows teams to gain the benefits of keyword-driven testing and
– Double their test coverage
– Decrease testing time
– Improve product quality
– and cut costs!

Automated software testing success requires the right technology and methodology. TestArchitect enables the Action Based Testing™ method of test automation to create a framework that is
– Easy to use
– Cross platform
– Maintainable
– Scaleable

Reducing time-to-market and improving product quality are critical to the success of any software organization.

TestArchitect enables all members of the team to improve the testing effort:

– Testers and business experts have an easy-to-use method for creating intelligent,maintainable tests which can be executed manually or automatically
– Automation engineers have powerful tools based on industry-standard languages for creating the underlying automation
– Managers can maintain control and efficiency of their global testing efforts through a central repository and easy-to-use, customizable reports
– Business stakeholders can reduce testing cost through our proven ROI model


Software Testing and Quality Assurance RSS Feed

02.20.2006 · Posted in Links

Receive the latest articles, white papers, presentations and templates published by LogiGear right on your desktop. LogiGear’s RSS feed includes weekly articles from industry thought leaders such as Hung Nguyen, Hans Buwalda, and Michael Hackett.


Software Testing Insights Newsletter

02.20.2006 · Posted in Links

LogiGear’s monthly newsletter contains articles from top thought leaders on the most relevant topics facing today’s software quality professionals. Find out about the latest approaches to test automation, how to work effectively with a global test team, and more!


Software Testing Resources from LogiGear

02.20.2006 · Posted in Links

Throughout our years of teaching classes and writing books on software testing, LogiGear has come across hundreds of valuable websites, articles, and tools that we want to share with the software testing community. Visit our resource center to find an up-to-date list of articles covering a broad range of topics.


AnyUnit 1.3.1 add-in for MSVS 2003 is released

02.17.2006 · Posted in News

Installer v. 1.3.1 build 1.0.2213 is moustly a bugfix release with one new important feature: ability to persist unit test XML output for better integration with automatic build tools such as CruiseControl.

AnyUnit is an add-in for MSVS 2003 that supports many unit-testing frameworks for C/C++/Managed C++/C#/VB.NET. Visit anyunit.com for details.

QuickBuild: cross-platform build automation and management server

02.15.2006 · Posted in Links

QuickBuild is a cross-platform build automation and management server which helps continuous integration or nightly builds. Besides the ability to automate your builds, QuickBuild puts extra emphasis on build management so that your QA/release builds can be generated and managed in a simple and efficient way. Configuration, monitoring, and access to build artifacts are all done through an intuitive web interface. Your development and testing team will have a central area to access the build information.

QuickBuild is completely redesigned by creator of Luntbuild from the ground up based on lessons learned from Luntbuild. It aims at being an enterprise level, yet easy to use build server.

Integrating Unit Testing Into A Software Development Team’s Process

02.15.2006 · Posted in Links

Unit testing was integrated into the software development process of a five-member programming team using a test-during-coding training module. The training approach and module are briefly described. Individual and pair developer performance was measured before and after the training module was presented. The improvements in
quality achieved by the team ranged from 38% to 267% fewer defects.

Randy A. Ynchausti
Agile Alliance
May 1, 2001



Software Quality Engineering Conferences

02.15.2006 · Posted in Links

STAREAST-Software Testing Analysis & Review
May 15-19, 2006
Orlando, FL

Better Software Conference & EXPO
June 26-30, 2006
Las Vegas, NV

STARWEST-Software Testing Analysis & Review
October 16-20, 2006
Anaheim, CA

Contact Information:
Call our Customer Service Group at 888-268-8770 or 904-278-0524 or sqeinfo@sqe.com.



Test management knowledge in last issue of Methods & Tools

02.15.2006 · Posted in News

Methods & Tools is a free e-newsletter for software developers, testers and project managers.
Winter 2005 issue’s content:

* Choosing and Managing the Ideal Test Team by Lloyd Roden
This article presents how to build and manage efficient test team. It also introduces the "tester’s style analysis
questionnaire" to discover the 4 types of tester that exist within organisations.

* Risk Based Testing, Strategies for Prioritizing Tests against Deadlines by Hans Schaefer
This article explains how to improve testing efficiency with risk evaluation.

37 pages of software development knowledge.

To download or read this issue go to the PDF area of http://www.methodsandtools.com

QuickBuild 1.0.1 – Build automation and management server

02.15.2006 · Posted in Tools

PMEase announces the release of QuickBuild 1.0, the professional version of the open source build server, LuntBuild.

Besides being a decent build automation and continuous integration server, it puts extra emphasis on build management. Some feature highlights:

1. Powerful but easy to use interface. QuickBuild’s web interface has been greatly improved compared to Luntbuild. You are able to control behavior of QuickBuild through OGNL expression. Typical OGNL expressions are predefined, and you only need to choose proper expression from a context sensitive menu.

2. Builds are set up through configurations which are organized hierarchically. Child configurations are able to inherit settings from parent, and can selectively override some of them. This way, large number of build configurations can be managed very easily. For example, you define a department configuration holding common objects accross the department, and create project configurations under that department node. For each project, you can define different branches, and for each branch, you can continue to define nightly, continuous integration, or release configurations.

3. True build promotions. Not just moving builds between different categories. With this feature, builds flow across different parties in your team without extra management effort. For instance, you can promote a tested QA build into release configuration. Promoted build will automatically take next release number, and the promotion process will label the version control system with that release number also.

4. Powerful remote and multi-platform build ability. You are able to set up your build configuration so that it can utilize CPU cycle of several build machines to speed up the build process, or you can set up build on different platforms and collect them into master build machine to form one package. You need not to worry about copying files between different machines, by declaring proper artifacts dependency, QuickBuild will copy them for you.

5. Powerful build dependency handling. You are able to take a project depends on other projects even they are in different machines. As a result of dependency resolving, build orders of dependent projects are determined, and artifacts are copied bwteen different projects (even between different machines) to satisfy the dependency.

6. Seamlessly integration with Maven. Build versions managed in QuickBuild are able to be fed into Maven, and artifacts published to Maven repository are accessible from QuickBuild’s web interface.

7. Fully customizable build process gives the flexibility to define your own build steps, and determine their order and concurrence.

8. Rich set of REST API allows you operate on almost every type of object in QuickBuild programmatically. Through this API, it is possible to integrate QuickBuild with other applications in your organization.

Trial download at http://www.pmease.com/download.html

MUnit: Unit Testing For Matlab

02.01.2006 · Posted in Links

MUnit is a powerful and easy to use unit testing framework for Matlab.

Matlab is the the standard tool for numerical computing across many industries. MUnit brings the concept of unit testing to the Matlab tool. It provides you with a simple way to write tests and an interactive testing environment through the inbuilt matlab web browser.

The tool is freely downloadable and distributed under the GPL license.