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Better Software Conference & EXPO, June 26-30, 2006

01.31.2006 · Posted in Events

Better Software Conference & EXPO
South Coast Hotel & Casino
June 26-30, 2006
Las Vegas, NV


Register for the Better Software Conference & EXPO 2006 by March 1, 2006 and receive a $50 Amazon.com gift certificate! Call the Customer Service Group at 888-268-8770 or 904-278-0524 for more details or register now online.At the Better Software Conference & EXPO you’ll become a better, more informed software professional with an outward, customer-focused view of development. Learn about the latest tools, trends, and issues regarding Agile development approaches, plan-driven development methods, and process improvement programs. Discover effective software management techniques to better manage your projects and teams. Find out what others are doing to build security and reliability into their software and ways to integrate testing throughout the process to reduce risks and lower overall costs.

Discover the latest in Software Development today and find the balance that works for you…

Managing Projects & Teams. To ensure projects are delivered on time and budget, learn how to manage responsibilities and reduce conflicts of priorities.

Plan-Driven Development. Find innovative ways to hone your development practices and deliver higher quality software on a predictable schedule with the right level of staffing.

Agile Development. Learn the latest techniques and strategies in Agile development to manage the inevitable changes that occur in software projects and understand the value of collaboration between the development team and the customer.

Process Improvement & Measurement. Learn how with the right processes in place and key measures to help track progress, in combination with the right people, your software projects will be more efficient and help guarantee successful delivery to satisfy your users and customers.

Testing & Quality Assurance. Learn how proper testing can improve efficiency, reduce costs, lower risk, and ultimately deliver a successful product to market.

Security & Special Topics. Beyond the traditional elements of the development lifecycles, special topics—including software security, quality analysis, and more—round out the Better Software Conference & EXPO program.

Who Should Attend?
Software professionals seeking the latest practices in software development today—from the highly structured plan-driven approaches to the highly creative, customer-intimate Agile ones.

• Software managers, directors, CTOs, and CIOs
• Project managers and leads
• Process improvement and measurement specialists
• Requirements and business analysts
• Software architects
• Lead developers and software engineers
• Security managers and engineers
• Test and QA managers and engineers

Upcoming dates for Software Testing Analysis & Review

01.31.2006 · Posted in Events

STAREAST-Software Testing Analysis & Review
Rosen Centre Hotel
May 15-19, 2006
Orlando, FL

STARWEST-Software Testing Analysis & Review
Disneyland Hotel
October 16-20, 2006
Anaheim, CA

CoView for Java: JUnit test generation plugin for Eclipse

01.30.2006 · Posted in Links

CoView is an Eclipse plug-in that automatically creates unit tests using the JUnit framework. CoView creates unit tests based on parameter AND basis path analysis of the source code; the unit tests are geared towards maximizing coverage with a minimal set of tests. Each JUnit test corresponds to either one parameter combination or one basis path test.

TypeMock.NET 3.0.1 Released

01.12.2006 · Posted in Tools

The TypeMock.NET team is happy to announce the release of version 3.0.

With .NET 2.0 Support it is now it is possible to isolate and mock concrete classes,
static methods and have full control of mocked instances.
This gives you complete power to test your code without needing to refactor the code to make it testable.

This version also includes a new Visual Tracer that enables a visual view of the expectations and calls.

Download a FREE copy Here or use the TypeMock Forums for more infomation