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Software Quality Engineering Training

11.18.2005 · Posted in Training

Software Quality Engineering

Training Programs
Looking to better yourself and your organization? Learn the skills and practices you need to meet the challenges of your job, improve your organization, and build the career you want. Software Quality Engineering offers the broadest range of software engineering and testing training courses available. Developed by top industry consultants, all courses are based on the latest industry practices and updated regularly to reflect current technologies, trends, and issues. You receive expert instruction, content tailored to students’ needs, and group discussions to enhance your experience. We offer you the best training available in the software industry. In fact, over 98% of the attendees at 2004 training courses recommended Software Quality Engineering’s courses to their peers in the industry.

Looking to build your current skill set or become more specialized? Create a training program to fit your career path using software Learning Paths.

Public Courses
We provide the widest selection of specialized seminars available—and we’re improving our selection all the time. Choose from the following courses offered throughout the U.S.

Agile Development Practices
Immersion in Test Driven Development
Essential Software Requirements
Systematic Software Testing
Mastering Test Design
How to Break Software
Creative Software Testing
Performance, Load, and Stress Testing
Requirements Based Testing
Managing Test Outsourcing
Test Management
Managing the Test Process
Test Process and Performance Improvement
Writing Testable Requirements
For a comprehensive list of courses, click here.

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Certification Courses
Attend globally recognized certification training presented by international experts.
Software Testing Certification

eTraining Courses
Try our new eTraining course, which is now available on the Web in a dynamic new format.
eMastering Test Design
On-site Training
All of our training courses are available for On-site training at your organization, and each one can be customized to meet your team’s special requirements. On-site training is one of the most cost-effective methods for companies with software testing and quality engineering staffs.

For additional information on On-site Training, contact Alison Wade at (904) 278-0524 x 210 or email awade@sqe.com.

POCMock for Microsoft.NET

11.12.2005 · Posted in Links

POCMock is a commercial tool for mocking classes and interfaces for Microsoft .NET. It is based on the virtual machine possibilities of .NET, and matches exactly the specificities of your .NET language whatever they might be. POCMock creates a new module statically, which generates exactly the same module but with some or all the mocked classes.

The standard version is free.


11.12.2005 · Posted in Links

Software Quality Assurance. Software Testing Resources: Testing Methodology and Techniques. Software testing dictionary, Training recommendations, Testing Documentation, Online Quiz, Software testing tools recommendations.


FunkLoad 1.3.0 and 1.3.1 are out

11.12.2005 · Posted in Tools

FunkLoad 1.3.0 and 1.3.1 (which fixed a bug in the previous release) are out.

FunkLoad 1.3.0 introduces a new http-proxy based recorder for user sessions. It also fixes a couple of outstanding bugs.

Grab FunkLoad 1.3.1 on funkload.nuxeo.org

About FunkLoad:

FunkLoad is a open source functional and load web tester, written in Python, whose main use cases are functional and regression testing of web projects, performance testing by loading the web application and monitoring your servers, load testing to expose bugs that do not surface in cursory testing, and stress testing to overwhelm the web application resources and test the application recoverability, and writing web agents by scripting any web repetitive task, like checking if a site is alive.

AutAT – Eclipse plug-in for automatic acceptance testing web applications

11.09.2005 · Posted in Links

AutAT provides test-driven development of web applications. By using a graphical editor you design the pages, page transitions, and specify the behavior. This can be done prior to implementing the web application. The tests are easy to read and understand as they simply reflect the structure of the web application, the web pages and the flows between pages.

Test execution is carried out by a test engine. Currently AutAT supports Canoo WebTest and FitNesse/jWebFit. Canoo WebTest is used to execute tests directly from the eclipse plug-in. You can also export the tests to be used in a continuous build environment.

TESTARE: distributed Java app testing framework

11.05.2005 · Posted in Links

TESTARE is a testing framework that aims to simplify the test development process for distributed enterprise JAVA applications. It tries to achieve this by providing straightforward and easy to use "in-container" testing capabilities through the concept of execution scenarios, and providing native support for test environment management and introspection techniques such as fixtures, global fixtures, probes and guards. Its initial focus is on "in ejb container" testing but its extensible architecture intended to make it very easy to develop support for other execution environments such as servlets, JMS listeners, CORBA ORBs or RMI.

Test Driven Development in Java – 2 day course – UK

11.02.2005 · Posted in Training

Training on Unit Testing and Refactoring for Agile Software Development in London on November 24th
[img align=right]http://skillsmatter.com/images/system/logo.gif[/img]

Title: Test Driven Development in Java training
Instructor: Sheila Barton
Start Date: 24/11
Duration: 2 days
Where: Skills Matter, Mayfair, London
More information: Test Driven Development Training
To register: Test Driven Development Course

This Testdriven Development course presents a number of modern agile practices for developing code based on an iterative and incremental development lifecycle. It introduces agility and predictability as two qualities essential to modern software development and offers a test driven iterative and incremental approach to achieve these qualities.

This highly practical 2-day Test Driven Development training course has been designed and developed by Kevlin Henney, a regular columnist for various industry magazines and a well known and popular speaker on topics such OO Design, Patterns, Agile Development and Software architecture at conferences in Europe and North America.