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Java GUI testing framework: Abbot 0.12.3 released

06.18.2004 · Posted in Java by Eric Vautier

The Abbot framework is a Java library for GUI unit testing and functional testing. It provides methods to reproduce user actions and examine the state of GUI components. The framework may be invoked directly from Java code or accessed without programming through the use of scripts.

Mainly a bug fix release.Bug Fixes

– Fix apparent hang/freeze when recording/selecting components, especially with children of JTabbedPanes or other components which hide their children. Fix XSD; args attribute is not required on call steps.
– Fix strongly held reference when filtering components (nixnixnix).
– Fix NPE when recording null-valued selections in JTable/JList.
– Fix class cast exception when running scripts and reporting step status.
– Workaround disabled menus bug on OSX. Fix Robot verification w/1.4.2_04.
– Fix broken example scripts (fontchooser) (thanks to quikdraw).
– Fix editor tutorial script so that it runs outside of the editor.
– Fix several bugs selecting methods in the Assert step.
– Fix script context parsing error with w32 drive letters.
– Removed deprecated classes.
– Ensure most objects used in a test may be GC’d after a test run. Mostly affects the Abbot test suite.
– Fix test fixture timing issues that were causing lost key/mouse events.

Go to Abbot’s home, read the release notes, download Abbot, view the API.

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