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bwbUnit-2004.6.1 released

06.25.2004 · Posted in News by Eric Vautier

bwbUnit for Java is a set of components primarily geared towards assisting developers with unit testing. The components that make up bwbUnit are designed to be simple to use yet very powerful:

– the Private Proxy makes protected, package and private variables and methods accessible to developers to enhance their ability to create unit tests.

– the Pounder takes a method and reviews all of the possible combinations of input values and allows developers to invoke the method of interest using all of the predefined values for the parameter types.Changes in 2004.6.1:

– a String comparison that was being done incorrectly has been fixed.
– widening of method parameters is not supported. If an int is passed to a method that takes a long the call will now work correctly.
– invoking Methods defined in a parent class from a subclasses is now supported.
– it is now possible to pass a subclass to a method that is expecting the parent class and have the call work correctly.

Visit bwbUnit’s home page.

(from [url=http://www.javalobby.org/thread.jspa?forumID=17&threadID=13021]JavaLobby’s announcement[/url])

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